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3 Picture Perfect Locations for your Engagement Shoot in Lexington

Here we share our favorite spots to photograph couples when capturing their engagement. Some locations require a permit; some do not. Some are great year-round and are easily accessible; some are a little more of a walk for a stunning shot.


This park is a hidden gem in downtown Lexington. Close to other beautiful locations with lots of colors that can be incorporated into your photoshoot. This Location does not require a permit.


Kentucky is well known for its horse racing, and Keenland won't disappoint. You can have the famous Rolex clock in your pictures or just the stunning greenery. Open to the public all year round except during its busy season in April and October. This Location does not require a permit.


Especially beautiful. In the spring, when the flowers have bloomed. The arboretum is close enough to downtown Lexington but far enough to be secluded. This Location does require a permit.

For more suggestions on photoshoot locations feel free to reach out we would love to help you find the perfect spot! We also have suggestions for nearby towns.

Pictures are copyrighted by Blue Ventures Photography LLC.

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