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Lexington Wedding Expo at the Central Bank Center

So it's been a very eventful week.

We got to be a part of the Lexington Wedding Expo downtown at the Central Bank Center, and during the show, we had to sneak out and do a quick engagement shoot. First off, the Expo was amazing! We got to meet so many couples and hear all their wedding plans.

We set up next to the Winchester Opera House venue, which had a beautiful copper tone set up that matched ours amazingly, almost like we planned it out. We got to talk to them and learn more about them. They have indoor and outdoor locations for the ceremony and reception. They also have a very old church in their property with stained glass that I think would look amazing for a small cozy wedding.

We met so many couples, and mostly they were looking to get married in May of next year or October this year or next year. For some reason, October was a very popular month. It might be the perfect weather, not too hot, not too cold, and it gives you plenty of time to plan.

Behind us was DJ Dames of Lexington, that kept playing hit after hit. If you are having a wedding, I say book them! Everything they played was just perfect and so much fun. They kept us wanting to bust out dancing the entire day.

If you did go to the Expo, leave us a comment and tell us how the experience was for you. We are looking forward to meeting more brides at future wedding shows!

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