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Plan to have good light at your wedding.

Photography is all about light. More experienced photographers know how to work with light in any given situation.

They will assess the light on your wedding day and use the best possible light to ensure your wedding photos are both beautiful to look at and that you are lit in the best possible way to accentuate how you look or how the moment feels.

When planning your wedding, you could consider some things that could help get the best wedding photos.

natural light getting ready
Bride by window Lexington KY natural light

These are just some quick tips on how you could end up with much better photos than you're already anticipating!

From breakfast right up to your killer dance moves at the end, your whole wedding day is a complete story, and getting ready is one of the essential opening chapters. It's when some key emotional moments can occur and in relative peace too before things get busy. If lit correctly, the images you take from this part of the day can be powerful, elegant, and beautiful.

Natural light isn't just useful for your photography; it's good news for your hair and makeup prep. So if you can, try and select the largest room available that lets in the most light. If you're visiting a possible space, take note of the shape and size of the room, including where the windows are. Big light walls can also help to illuminate the area and give your photographer more to work with.

If you think your hotel, venue, or home won't make the best location for bridal preparations – and you really want you're getting ready shots to be amazing – then perhaps see if you could get ready at a friend's house or find a property online for hire that could be the perfect setting for your morning of bridal preparations. That relatively small additional cost could make all the difference to those first few pages of your wedding album.

Sometimes natural light just isn't an option. If that's the case, remember that the next best thing is just one kind of light. Candlelight, tungsten light, and fluorescent light can all create great shots on their own, but if you have them all in the same room together, it can result in odd skin colors in the photographs. Don't worry if you can't avoid it, though. We can fix this in post-production.

It's not the end of the world if you haven't thought about these things in advance, but it can be a real help if you have time. Don't forget you can always contact your wedding photographer for advice!

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