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Wedding Pose Mistakes to Avoid

Are you nervous about how your wedding photography and/ videography will look? Would you like to avoid looking stiff or unnatural? Have you ever been photographed, and the photographer started telling you to act natural. Like that will help?

Here is a quick guide to ensure you have fabulous pictures and video footage! You're welcome!!!!

  • Close-eyed kissing: Kissing with open eyes is hardly natural, but couples nervously adopt this style on the wedding day. Don't do this even if the photographer forgets to remind you.

Beautiful photos are created with natural kissing!

  • Keep it clean: Don't have the photographer or potential viewer get the "do you need a room" vibe. "We want neat and clean kisses,"

Be careful not to squish your partner's nose.

If you feel like it's close, then you probably are.

  • Slow it down: Walking photos often are the most loved photos for the couple and bridal party. Just remember to slow down. "It's not a race."

Make sure you tell your partner or bridal party to take it slow.

  • Don't over practice: Even though we are providing excellent tips, avoid the need to actually practice your perfect wedding day smile.

Again you want this to be natural. Do not overthink the smile.

  • Speak up: If you don't take away any other tips from us, remember to tell the photographers if you have any insecurities or a side you prefer.

Height Difference

Your better side

Your arms/stomach etc.

Being vocal ahead of time will cause your photographer to avoid certain poses and looks. They will also love you when they go to edit the photos later.

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